Mystic Heights - Rustic, Serene, Magical

A boutique jungle resort for ultimate eco tourism experience

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Revel in Nature's Bosom

Experience life at its rustic best

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Koyna - The unexplored hill station

The New Mahabaleshwar of Sahyadris

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Mystic Heights - Awesomely enticing

Eco tourism finds a new meaning here

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Mystic Heights Unravel the Paradise

Set in a rustic ambience, at the periphery of Sahyadri Wild Life Sanctuary, Maharashtra, Mystic Heights is a mini boutique resort that's perched at 2500 feet above sea level. Come, experience the finest in jungle, eco and rustic tourism.

Relax. Rejuvenate. Revel.

Majestic Location

The view from Mystic Heights is absolutely mesmerising. One can directly view a vast expanse of the serene blue waters of the Koyna river from the cottages. Majestic hills surround the plot on other three sides. The region is hilly and as such offers a scenic view of untainted Nature.

Well designed cottages

The cottages are built with locally sourced laterite stones and black stones. You can experience an amazing river view right from the verandah. The cottages are quite rustic on the outside yet are amazingly airy due to two large windows. The interior space is well furnished with large bed, wardrobe, television set, fully equipped WC and bath.

Rustic Restaurant

Although the resort has a full fledged restaurant, we have kept our focus on local cuisines. This ensures that guests get to taste the best of the region for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Restaurant serves both veg and non veg food. We have ensured regular supply of organic, farm fresh vegetables from local vendors. However, we will personally be farming fresh vegetables and spices on a small scale.

Service that's unmatched

For the team that has been a part of various tourism related advertising and promotions, unbeatable service comes as part of the package. We treat guests the way we ourselves would love to be treated at any other resort. So, come to Mystic Heights and we will take care of the rest.

Koyna The Mystical, Magical Hill Retreat

Nestled at top of stunningly beautiful Sahyadri mountains, Koyna is truly a paradise on Earth. The peace and serenity of this land is truly remarkable since commercialisation has not yet touched its richly fertile soils. It's a place where one can rejuvenate in the bosom of Mother Nature, with nothing but picturesque mountains, serene blue waters and unbelievably pure air to keep you company. Witness clouds hanging low in the mornings. Feel the cool, refreshing breeze melting away all your stress and worries. It's one place where one can calmly listen to the inspiring rustle of leaves and the invigorating chirps of rare birds. Within the rustic ambience of Humbarli village one can experience the rural charm that city dwellers long for. Typical houses built of red laterite stones and local resources, simple village folks who are always ready to help you out and food that would be a connoisseur's delight. Koyna is a place where vacation finds its true meaning.

Nehru Garden
Botanical wonder
Ozarde Waterfall
One amongst many
Wildlife Sanctuary
Watch the most amazing species
Bird Watching
The rarest breeds gather here
Trekking & hiking
Amateurs to Ultra Pros
A serene ride across the lake
Awesome Landmarks
Natural and Man made
The Koyna Dam
The engineering Marvel

Our Accommodation Rustic yet richly furnished

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Deluxe Cottages

Whether from within the cottage or from the sit out, one can revel in the regal view of the river and mountains. The cottages are built with locally sourced laterite stones and black stones. These not only give the cottages a rustic look but also the strength to withstand any force of nature.

INR 1000 / Per Person Call 4 GR8 OFFERS

Large Dormitory

The Dormitory offers the same view as other cottages. It is large enough to accommodate around 12 persons.

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We are proud to say that we have been serving our esteemed guests in the best possible way. Visit the place once and you will fall in love forever

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